3D Containment Field Effects for Daz Studio

Containment Field Effects is a set of props that allow you to build your own high-tech modular containment system around your characters. A set of 9 primitive shapes can be stacked and rotated as desired. Use as many or as few as you need. They are made of light and VDBs, using technology so advanced the separate parts float independently of each other without the need for troublesome physical parts.

A floating sign can hover above or among the containment rings to label any criminal misdeeds or warn onlookers not to touch. The simple UVs on the sign make it is easy to customize the text using almost any image editor. As well as being a practical tool for the containment of aliens, prisoners, or undesirables, the props can be used to build a medical or security scanner or a time machine. Fire up your favourite image editor and get creative with your own ideas.

This versatile product can slot into many sci-fi scenarios and is ready and waiting for you to add your own creativity. Make the universe a safer place, lock up the wrong-doers, and get Containment Field Effects today.

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