Lightning Cosmetics for Daz Studio Genesis 8.1

Note: This product is no longer available for sale

Lightning is next-generation face and body makeup for him, her, or them. Set your character’s social media ablaze with this stunning new look, or use it to add an extra something to a futuristic render or give the hero or villain of your story a visual edge. To create the look in real life on your own face follow this tutorial by the talented James Charles.

There are 4 colors that are easy to apply with one click. It has options to increase or decrease the amount of glitter supplied by the metallic flakes and also to hide the neck and chest sections, depending on your preferences.

Lightning by Five13 Cosmetics is exclusive to Genesis 8.1. It uses the dedicated makeup section of the PBR Skin shader, so your character must use PBR Skin to wear this makeup. Iray Uber is not supported. The neck and body sections require the 8.1 UVs, but the face makeup will work on 8.1s with legacy 8 UVs.

Give the gift of Lightning Cosmetics to that special Genesis 8.1 character in your life! It’s perfect for him, her, or them (as long as they use the PBR Skin shader).

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