DAZ3D VDB Cloud Portals

Manifest one of 16 VDB Cloud Portals for Daz3D and take a step into another world. Billowing clouds surround a watery liquid-like portal surface that can be tinted to obscure the horror, pleasure, or mystery of what lies beyond.

Conjure a portal using magic to transport yourself to a new realm or call forth a beast from the darkest depths. Get your witches, wizards, elves, and goblins where they need to be quickly. Or use advanced technology to send a robot back in time or cover vast interplanetary distances in seconds via a portal. The natural materials of clouds and water can fit both sci-fi and fantasy imagery.

A set of optional liquid insert meshes are designed to fit inside each VDB Cloud Portal. They distort or obscure the background depending on the materials chosen. The clouds and water change color via material presets or scripts to quickly create different effects to fit the style and mood of your images.

Portals are the fastest way to travel, so don’t hang around. Get your set of VDB Cloud Portals for Daz3d today!

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