Authentic Viking Spear and Spear Poses for Daz Studio

Note: This product is not available for sale at this time

In 1974, a complete Viking spear dating from AD 825-950 was found in the Lendbreen ice patch in Norway. The spear is based on the dimensions of that authentic Viking spear. You can read more about the The Viking Spear from the Lendbreen Ice Patch on Secrets of the Ice.

Spears have been used for hunting, fishing, and warfare by many different cultures, so this one is not only suitable for Vikings but can also fit into other time periods and genres to support your fantasy, historic, or post-apocalypse renders. It comes with 3 texture options: 2 iron and a ceremonial gold version. The spearhead, nail, and shaft are separate surfaces, and there are morphs to thicken the shaft or change its length, making it ready for you to customize.

The poses have been carefully crafted for either left or right-handed Genesis 8 or 8.1 of any gender to make a total of 60 pose presets. Load the spear smart prop into your character’s dominant hand, and then apply one of the poses for that hand. All two-handed poses work with the spear parented to either hand (minor adjustments to the non-dominant hand after loading will be needed, depending).

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