Cloud Alphabet for Daz Studio

Note: This product is not available at this time. Probably won’t ever be as to be honest it didn’t sell very well

Write your message in the sky with Cloud Alphabet. Add 3D words to your images using Iray volumetric and VDB files. As well as upper and lowercase letters, Cloud Alphabet contains numbers, punctuation marks, and other symbols.  

Working on a comic, image series, or book cover? Use Cloud Alphabet as a creative and interesting way of adding titles, chapter headings, or text. Write a poem or just see your own name in lights. Your characters and props can interact with these letters, reach through, touch them, or be visible behind them. With Cloud Alphabet at your disposal, the creative possibilities are endless.

The outline of each glyph is visible in the viewport to make it easy to position before switching to Iray. Inside are randomly-placed internal lighting dots and so can be illuminated to create interesting effects. Adjust the density multiplier to your taste on the Volume surface to create a lighter or heavier cloud.  

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