Ulfberht Sword and Viking Sword Poses, Genesis 8 and Genesis 9 for Daz Studio

Ulfberht and their descendants were bladesmiths working during the Viking era. They proudly inlaid their name and a lattice pattern logo into the blades of their swords. For authenticity, the sword in Viking Sword and Sword Poses is modelled after the dimensions of a surviving Ulfberht sword dating from the mid-tenth to early eleventh century.

The sword comes with morphs to change the length and width of the blade and length of the grip (during their life, blades would reduce in width due to repeated honing). It has 3 textures, one with and one without the Ulfberht text and logo inlay, and a gold sword for fun. There are 4 material zones. The simple design of this practical and well-balanced weapon means it can easily slot into historic, fantasy, and post-apocalyptic renders without looking out of place. It is not just for Vikings.

The 16 poses cover a range of scenarios and emotions from action shots of jumping, leaping, and slashing to quieter moments of reflection or acts of deference. Most poses have unique hand grips based on real-world hand positions referenced from photos.

Vikings named their swords and passed them down from one generation to the next. In that spirit, both Genesis 8 and Genesis 9 are supported so you too can hand your sword down through the generations. The only question remaining is what will you name it? Buy Viking Sword and Sword Poses for Genesis 9 and Genesis 8 today. It’s what Ulfberht would have wanted.