Mud and Mud Wrestling Props for Daz Studio

Note: This product is no longer available for sale

Get messy with the Mud and Mud Wrestling Props. Cover your characters in mud, oil, paint, or radioactive green goo with a simple to apply Geoshell. And once they’re muddy, there’re ready to take part in one of the world’s noblest sports: mud wrestling.

How messy should they get? You decide with a click on one of the materials options on the Geoshell. Change the shell color to anything you like. Want muddy or messy clothes too? Use one of the Iray decal nodes or a shader preset. Two decal nodes are specifically configured for clothes and are set to parent to the right places to help make positioning as effortless as possible. A PDF user guide explains how to get the best results.

The mud wrestling pit comes with simple rigging to adjust the mud height and an array of texture options. A crowd control barrier can frame and describe your event. And there’s a chair and a boardwalk board with a standard and muddy texture too. Pair the props with an HDRI (not included) for an easy and fast ready-to-render scene or kit-bash them into one of your existing environments.

But there is much more to this product than just mud wrestling. The mud Geoshells and Decals can add a touch of slick, shiny reality to your fantasy, sci-fi, comic book, or contemporary scenes. Bring to life older outfits or textures in your library by covering them in gunk. And you can get creative by laying one shell on top of the other or adding multiple decals to the same object.

How will your favourite characters look when covered in mud, oil, or paint?

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