Kickabout Soccer Ball and 21 Amazing Poses for Daz Studio

Note: This product is not available for sale at this time and may return in future in some form. (The football kit is not for sale either and never has been. Sorry Everyone!)

Some call it football, some call it soccer but no matter what you call it, render it in style with Kickabout Soccer Ball. Included are poses for all soccer skill levels making it suitable for a professional match or an informal kickabout amongst friends. With 21 poses that are not gender specific everyone can play.

The football has 7 different designs and has separate material zones for the small pentagons and large hexagons. If you start with the while ball you can customize the colors by changing the values in Base Color. It comes as a smart prop for use with the 6 poses that involve holding the ball. For the other 15 poses just place the ball where you want in your scene.

All you need is a ball to have a kickabout, so join in the fun.

Please note that the football kit in the promo images was custom made and simulated in Marvellous Designer for each pose. It’s not available for sale.


  1. Hey! Would love to buy the soccer uniform used in your promo images for Kickabout soccer poses.
    Would you be able to quote a price for this kit?
    Thank you,

    Ken West

    • Hey, I’m sorry but it’s not for sale.

      • I know you said so already, so don’t hate me for asking again, but I have to try…

        Is there no way at all for you to fix this outfit up for sale? You have so many other great creations for sale that I am surprised you wouldn’t want to add these as well. This outfit is excellent and would be a great boon to the community.

        Would you be open to a private sale or trade maybe?

        • Hi. Thank you for your interest. There is no Daz product for the football kit. It was just something made for the promos in Marvellous Designer and simulated in Marvellous Designer for each of the poses with the clothes exported as static OBJ files that would only work on the figure/pose in each image.

          Weight mapping and creating the corrective morphs and supporting various shapes is the part of clothes making for Daz that takes a lot of time. I don’t know how to do it and don’t really want to learn as it seems to be a really tedious and boring task, which is why so far I’ve not made any Daz Studio clothing. Also I think there will be a drop on quality in the clothing after it has been adapted for Daz what with the various compromises that have to take place to get it to work on multiple shapes and poses. That’s the other reason I don’t want to do it.

          You would be better off finding a generic t-shirt and shorts combo and then using substance painter or something to texture them to your liking.

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