Spooky Ghost Hands

Who needs a body when you can have your own set of Daz Studio Spooky Ghost Hands? These versatile 3D VDB hands can grab, touch, pinch, poke and even hold weapons to create a ghost army. They light up from the inside using tiny internal lighting dots.

You can use different colors and volume multipliers to transform their personality from ultra-scary dark and smoky hands to brightly-lit fun hands and create your own unique images.

The Daz 3D Spooky Ghost Hands aren’t rigged, you can’t pose the fingers, and there are no morphs. Got a problem with that? Tell it to the hand coz the face ain’t existing!

But seriously, the ghost hands are VDBs and don’t work that way. Instead, you get 33 static hand props in pre-set poses covering all manner of spooky happenings. You will see a glove-like oversized outline of the hand in the viewport to aid moving, rotating, and scaling it into the right position before fine-tuning in Iray mode. They load in as left hands, but you can flip to right hands using one of the presets.

The names of the hands are just suggestions to guide you. Bring your own creativity into the mix to use the hands in different ways. A pointing hand can become a poking hand. A punching hand and a touching hand together can become massaging hands. A hand designed to grab a limb or hold a spear or sword can be used to hold other similarly-sized objects.

Haven’t you got enough tired old skin already? Get your hands on something unique, hope over to Daz3D and buy Spooky Ghost Hands now.

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